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The core of our work focuses on recruiting top talent to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals within FinTech.

Welcome to Bay-Teck

Bay-Teck Recruitment and Executive Search is a Toronto-based boutique agency with a core speciality in FinTech, and a particular focus on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Founded by Daniel McCormack in 2014, Bay-Teck was established in response to the growing need for niche skills, often in globally distributed teams, within FinTech. By identifying the gap in the market for specialization in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, our agency built an understanding of the challenges in finding top talent and built an unrivalled network that has seen us gain recognition among top industry names as leaders in the space.
From Engineering, Product & Project Management, Business Development and Client Engagement, to Senior Management, VPs, and CxO's, our candidates represent top industry talent, while our global client list includes tier one financial and consulting firms, established software companies, and startups across the Americas, Europe and APAC. FinTech is growing and changing at a rapid pace, with our vast network of candidates and clients, as well as locations, continuing to grow with it.
Daniel McCormack started his recruitment career in 2006 with Caspian One, where he was the driving force behind the company's international growth into North America in 2009. Daniel was promoted to Director, Business Development the following year and was responsible for the growth of the North American arm of the business until he made the decision to branch off on his own, founding Bay-Teck Recruitment in 2014.
Since our inception, we have worked with some of the biggest names in FinTech. Our global clients include tier one financial and consulting firms, established software companies, and start ups. Our list continues to grow as we see the FinTech industry growing through innovation labs, new consulting practices, new product development and start ups covering Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and other disruptive technologies.
Our strategy focuses on sourcing top FinTech professionals to meet the needs of our global clients in a fast-paced industry. We work with candidates within all disciplines, including Engineering, Product & Project Management, Business Development, Client Engagement, Senior Management, VP's and CxO's.